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Tron Development Plan The work on the project is scheduled already until 2027 – it is immediately clear that the guys do not exchange for small things. The plan includes 6 stages: Exodus – Exodus) - the launch of the Tron mainnet in 2018; Odyssey – Odyssey) - the introduction of a copyright protection mechanism for content. The stage will last until June 2020; Great Voyage – the appearance of the ICO launch function within the Tron ecosystem, the revision of the order of distribution of dividends. This stage should be completed by June 2021; Apollo is the creation of a decentralized platform that will give users the opportunity to exchange tokens of individual projects launched on the basis of Tron, buy them and sell them for another crypt. The team promises to complete this work by March 2023; Star Trek (Star Trek) – integration of the platform for online games. With it, developers will be able to launch online games and even their own platforms for them within the Tron ecosystem. At the same stage, traffic monetization should appear, designed to ensure earnings on copyright. The stage will last until 2025; Eternity is the creation of a fundraising platform that will allow developers to attract funding for their projects directly from users. The latter, in turn, will be able to invest or make donations for the development of applications and games. This is the final breakthrough for the Tron team, and its completion is scheduled for September 2027. In 2018, the startup developers proved that they are ready to fulfill their plan and their obligations to investors. The Tron mainnet was successfully launched with the transition to the DPoS protocol. Tron Development Strategy Tron Development Strategy Moreover, the Tron Foundation announced the purchase of BitTorrent and presented the Atlas project, which provides for the integration of the popular tracker with the blockchain platform. As a result of this pooling of resources, BitTorrent should become faster, and its users will be able to count on receiving a reward for posting content. Tron, in turn, will receive a large application with a huge audience for its network. Criticism of the Tron project Even if we do not take into account the sarcastic remarks of the joker Buterin about this project or statements in the spirit of "I do not believe in this crypt", there is something to scold the team for. In 2017, Tron successfully collected a round sum for the ICO - $70 million. Imagine, they managed to do this with an unoriginal White Paper (documents - presentation of the cryptocurrency). Some parts of the main project document were simply copied from the WP of other startups. When the founder of Tron was caught in this, he began to justify that the problem lies in incorrect translations of the original Chinese version of the document. Sun said that the translation did not include many significant points and references to previous projects. And yet, the startup team prudently removed the compromised White Paper in all languages except Chinese, and still has not presented a new version of it without plagiarism. In addition, from more or less constructive criticism, we can name the above-mentioned comments about DPoS (the algorithm for confirming and protecting transactions), although they are not so unambiguous. Only time and practice will show how much fears about excessive centralization of the network with such a consensus algorithm will be justified. Now it is too early to expect jumps in the Tron exchange rate, but it has all the prospects Now it is too early to expect jumps in the Tron exchange rate, but it has all the prospects A serious blow to the reputation of Tron and its creator personally was caused by rumors that Sun, at the peak of the price of his cryptocurrency, sold his own stock of these coins in one fell swoop for a total of $300 million. Justin himself, of course, refuted these speculations, and the public did not see iron evidence of his guilt. But there are still a lot of representatives of the crypto community who are sure that the whole project was conceived exclusively for the personal enrichment of Sun and the Tron developers. The described story surfaced in early 2018. At the same time, Sun and Co were criticized for the lack of at least some viable product and anything at all, except for the concept and grandiose plans. However, now we can say that this claim to Tron has disappeared. Is it worth buying a Tron cryptocurrency? The entertainment market is $1 trillion, and the project under consideration can theoretically take a big bite out of this pie. The success of this enterprise almost entirely depends on how well the development team works, whether it will be able to implement the tasks set. If we exclude force majeure, as well as dishonesty and professional insolvency of the team, the project and its TRX coin can be predicted a bright future, without lying to the soul. Only here the exchange rate of the coin has been on a downward trajectory since the beginning of May 2018. Neither the launch of the mainnet, nor the news about the purchase of BitTorrent, nor the burning of 1 billion of the 100 billion coins issued, helped TRX. Although, in fairness, I must say that in this period, most of the top coins showed an almost continuous decline, so it's too early to diagnose our patient. Tron can now be purchased on the EXMO exchange Tron can now be purchased on the EXMO exchange In the near future, the TRX rate will probably be able to deploy only a general bullish trend in the crypto market (when they get rid of the cryptocurrency at the peak of the course, and do not expect it to strengthen in the distant future). In the future, the coin will become more expensive as the stages of the roadmap are implemented, interesting projects appear on the network, and major players join it. In addition, there will be no additional coin issues until all work is completed in accordance with the Road Map, which temporarily cancels inflation. After 5-10 years, the price of TRX will be determined to a greater extent by its usefulness and real use than by the mood in the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, buying TRX now is a bet on the integrity and success of the project team. Investments should be designed for a long time – do not expect fast money for six months or a year. It is quite problematic to predict the amount of profit, but if everything goes according to plan without excesses and new turns of the collapse of the crypto market, it is possible that the rate will reach $0.5-0.6 in the next 2 years, despite the fact that now the value of the coin has fallen below $0.02. There is one more detail. In the future, TRX holders, apparently, will have the opportunity to participate in the distribution of free tokens of projects that developers will launch on the basis of Tron. This means that you will be able to receive entertainment project currencies for free and either sell them or pay for access to content and applications with them. Of course, we still have to live up to this happiness, but the prospect is pleasant, especially if Tron does become one of the largest entertainment platforms in the world, which cannot be ruled out. Where to store and how to buy TRX? The list of recommended wallets is posted on the official Tron website. There are web versions, desktop programs and mobile applications. You can buy TRX for rubles using an online exchanger or on the EXMO exchange. It is traded against the dollar on Litecoin. You can use Yandex to conduct transactions.Money, Qiwi, Payeer, there are options with payment by bank card or via online banking.
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